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    Julie Sagoskin

    Editor Guest of a Guest & Resident Magazine

    Heather is not only profoundly professional and efficient, she is also an absolute pleasure to work with! She is definitely one of the most helpful and hospitable people in the whole hospitality industry. Heather's unparalleled work ethic and dependability make her one of the best in the business; her reliability, demeanor and communication skills are a real rarity. She is consistently one of my favorite people to work with and I owe many great story ideas to her! No matter how big or small the project, Heather thinks outside the box and gets everything to not only run well, but run smoothly.

    Diana Cooper

    Reporter: Life & Style/US Weekly Magazine

    Heather has always been a pleasure to work with. She's easy to communicate with (always has her phone or laptop nearby) and will send you anything you request in a timely manner. She also sticks to her word and is business savvy. Having known her for a few years, I have formed not only a business relationship with her but also a close friendship. Her caring personality is something I'll always cherish.

    Diana Garcia

    Director Of Programming at Playboy Club New York

    In PR hospitality there are so many false promises. I have worked with the top agencies and always a huge dissapointment. Working with Heather has made me realize the difference between working with a boutique agency and these massive companies that do not prioritize their accounts. Heather is an amazing addition to any company, her creativity, agility to find a PR angle is amazing!

    Ari Kalimi

    Client since 2017

    Owner, Mr. Kream Ice Cream Parlors

    Working with Heather Grabin & her team have been nothing short than amazing! She has landed myself and my company in tier 1 publications and secured A list celebrities to frequent our establishment. One thing I appreciate from working with Heather is her honestly and work ethic. In this business when you find someone with those qualities you keep them around and I look forward to bringing her on board with my new business ventures!

    Joseph Antney

    Client since 2013

    General Manager, Ear Drummer Records

    Heather has worked on a lot of projects for me over the last 5 years and she has never let me down to this day! Her network is good and it's rare when someone can get on a phone and make something happen with a contact from 10 years ago! I will continue work with Heather on my upcoming projects and I look forward to us growing together and taking things to the next level!

    Rick Day

    Client in 2015

    Vice President - Marketing - Real Hospitality (Hyatt Herald Square)

    Heather, I wanted to say thank you again for your efforts that contributed to a successful event! I appreciate the efforts that pulled together and enhanced the event. As we discussed, we have several other opening in the area upcoming in the next few months, and perhaps we will have the opportunity to work together again!

    Dr. Ryan Neinstein

    Client since 2016

    Plastic Surgeon & CEO Neinstein Plastic Surgery

    I have been working with Heather Grabin for over a year now and our team could not be more pleased! Heather has secured over 40 professional placements for myself and my practice in the last year. I have worked with other professionals in the Public Relations realm and working with Heather has been the most successful.

    Dina Deleasa

    Client since 2015

    www.DishItGirl.com | www.instagram.com/dishitgirldina

    Working with Heather Grabin and her team has been such a a great experience.They always go above an beyond proving that they have my best interest at heart. The team has helped me open doors and gain opportunities that will allow me to take my career to the next level. They have turned my "career path" into a journey and I am so glad to have them along for the ride!​

    Farrah Krenek

    Client since 2014

    Orange Is The New Black

    Throughout all your life you’ll hear people say... do your best and rewards will follow... but that’s like giving a great performance on stage and having an empty audience. How can you be heard? Who will know your name and see your talent? So keep doing your best and concentrate on you.... Let Heather from Splash Public Relations introduce you to the world and watch the audience come to you... I promise you they will... Just make sure you’re ready for the red carpet after...

    Melissa Henderson

    Digital Publishing & Columnist

    Heather is a talented, resilient and hardworking businesswoman. I've known Heather for several years and she has been an ally in my writing and digital media endeavors. Her industry insights are top notch and always on point. We have worked together to create brand awareness and digital marketing campaigns, to working with C-level executives in gaining top tier media exposure and achieving their business development goals. Heather is loyal, fair, and has a knack for connecting people!

    John Stessel

    Celebrity Magician

    Heather is by far one of the most exceptional PR reps in the business. Not only does she get great press coverage, but she gets in the trenches and makes sure the correct story is told. My collaboration with her was at The Red Rabbit Club, one of the hottest nightclubs in NYC. Working in a nightclub comes with crazy hours of operation. Heather not only got my team and I incredible press, but was onsite during these moments. Nothing but respect and admiration for this incredible woman and her work!

    Matthew Pathak

    DoubleTree by Hilton Times Square West

    Heather is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely detailed inher work and great at it. Also her fun filled energy is contagiousmaking work so much better.

    Kerry Wellington

    The Time Hotel Nyack

    It’s been amazing working with Heather. She has been a true asset to my hotel . She is driven , confident and always conducts business is a professional manner. Heathers ability to attract that precise marketing tool to help enhance your business makes her a leader in her field. Not only is Heather ahead of the game , she is always on top of what’s the next maneuver. I highly recommend Heather to any growing business that needs that special edge.

    Jocelyn Wallace


    Heather Grabin is a truly talented leader. I worked in public relations under Heather and learned how to pitch effectively, land top-tier placements, build a strong marketing plan, plan and carry out successful PR Events. She has a masterful understanding of marketing and public relations. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity of working with Heather and have grown tremendously with her help.

    Kimia Kalbasi

    Influencer, Kimia's Kravings

    Heather is extremely dedicated, loyal, and hardworking, Her work ethic is unlike any other and thanks to her relentless spirit, I've been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and ABC News Digital to name a few outlets. I've also locked deals with my dream brands for partnerships and overall, she's an amazing person outside of the workspace as well. She is truly a superstar and feel so grateful to be working with Heather.

    Rain Dove

    Client since 2014

    Super Model, Influencer & Activist


    Meeting Heather Grabin was one of the most important elements in recognizing my career goals on another level. Her selective eye and hardworking team worked literally 23/7 to ensure that I was able to connect to every possibility available. They took care to develop my image in a multidimensional way highlighting every facet of me from the obvious modeling/acting to writing and public speaking... setting me up for a long and healthy well rounded future. With their individualized approach and non stop focus- in JUST TWO MONTHS they had me in such publications as Cosmo, Elle, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed, and many more. From television appearances to red carpet events they match me with countless new opportunities to expand my brand. The best thing about working with Heather Grabin though, is the fact that it is real and human. These are people who truly care about my progress adn success- and who are easy to care about in return. I'd recommend Heather Grabin to anyone who wants to start taking themselves seriously and transition from referring to themselves as a product--- to referring to themselves as a company. That's what Heather Grabin did- she turned me from a product to a company in just two months, and I'm excited about a growing future together.

    Daniel Koye

    Dept Head Vampires VS The Bronx at Curtin Call Production

    Heather is the kindest and dedicated PR maven you could haveon your team. She is always coming up with new creative ideas to launch your brand forward. I love having her apart of my team!!

    Kimberly Perez


    Heather has a natural entrepreneurial spirit in and out of the workplace. She provided sufficient mentorship when I was first entering the PR and Communications field. Heather was not only a very goal-oriented individual, but she also ensured her employees gained the full experience of being part of a PR start up. Her wit and networking abilities were nothing short of great.