• Heather Grabin

    Founder, AichG PR

    Co-Founder, FabzList

    CEO- LastDistrict.com

    Director of Publicity, Thane & Prose Publishing

    Heather Grabin is a thriving PR powerhouse. Her fluent ability to network and create bonds is nothing short of impeccable. Time after time, her competitive inclination keeps her going.


    Her will and determination lead her to start her own public relations company called AichG in 2009. As the director of AichG, she has worked with various brands, entertainment personalities, and some of the top venues. She has secured her clients to be featured in segments on Fox, Bravo, and Food Network. She also has secured features in an extensive list of publications including The Wall Street Journal, OK Magazine, and The New York Times.

    In 2015, she became co-founder of FabZlist, which is a platform for fashion forward moms and children. In 2016 she also was selected as the Director of Publicity with Thane & Prose Publishing House.


    Heather's specialities of expertise include but are not limited to:

    Travel & Hospitality

    We thrive on fun escapades and good company. And we’re not alone.

    Having launched countless boutique hotel properties, we know which programs and promotions are vital in attaining praiseworthy and on-going media coverage. Working tirelessly on multifaceted marketing campaigns for destination and international hotel brands, Evoke ensures that your target traveler finds you a great fit for their next trip.
    Restaurant & Culinary

    We make you a barrier to entry in the culinary world.
    With our office at the core of a culinary capital, our team is on top of the latest culinary trends and experiences to assure your brand remains relevant. Evoke will define and redefine a cohesive PR strategy accustomed to your business to convey your prized competitive advantage. As a result, your restaurant or food brand becomes the comparison point in the minds of diners, influencers, and press.

    Consumer Lifestyle

    We don’t just love it, we live it.

    AichG loves nothing more than collaborating with creative lifestyle brands that relate to consumers. Working with startups in fashion, wellness, and beauty, we introduce you to the right partners and influencers to narrate your brand’s compelling story. Whether you want to provide resourceful service experiences or showcase an existing product in a new perspective, we’ve got you covered.




     Greater New York City Area


    Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together.

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